Hardener Irufire Flooring


Isocyanate-based catalyst (<0.1% weight in its composition / complies with regulations) used as component B in Irufire Flooring product range. Its addition of 10% results in a significant improvement in overall final properties.

Utilized as component B in the fire-resistant products of the Iki Parket range: Irufire Flooring Primer IFAP-1 Aqua and Irufire Flooring Top Coat IFAT-1 Aqua.


  • 0,5 L


  • 2u.

Notable Features

Enhancement of chemical resistances in general (water, alcohol, detergents, creams, etc.).

Improvement of scratch resistance.

Enhancement of resistance to heel marks on floors.

Improved adhesion to various substrates.

Easily incorporable with manual agitation.

No impact on the final product’s gloss level.

Application Data

Usage instructions

Add the product at the time of use and manually agitate immediately.



Shelf life

The mixture has a shelf life of 4 hours.


Technical Datasheet

↓ Download PDF

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