28 / 03 / 2023

How to repair worn parquet

Repairing worn parquet without the need for floor sanding is not an impossible mission. If we want to avoid expensive work that involves greater expenses and disrupts the tranquility of the home, we should consider solutions that can be applied directly to the parquet itself.

STONE for parquet and wooden floors is a varnish that can be used directly on the parquet without the need for prior sanding. It’s a product that offers excellent resistance to rubbing, scratching, heel marks, and cleaning chemicals. If you’re also concerned about using a product that is environmentally friendly and protects your health from chemical contaminants, know that STONE has an Ecolabel certification, certifying it as an eco-friendly varnish.

Furthermore, it has an appropriate slip coefficient (CLASS 2) that prevents unwanted accidents.

What product to use to repair worn parquet?

Within the Iki Parket product range, STONE is a product designed for the care of wooden surfaces and all individuals walking on them. It has many features that make it unique and easy to use:

• Applies easily with a roller or brush.

• Withstands abrasion.

• Resists cleaning products.

• Withstands rubbing.

• Does not yellow the wood.

• Low odor during application.

• Tools can be cleaned with water.

Want a smooth, comfortable wood result with a shiny and healthy appearance? Below, we explain the correct way to use Iki Parket’s STONE to avoid the inconvenience of a home renovation.

Steps to apply Stone to repair worn parquet

• Prior sanding of the wood with 30-36 grit sandpaper. Refined with 60 and 80 grit sandpapers. Remove sanding residue through blowing or with the help of a cloth.

• Apply 2-3 coats of 60-80 gr/m2, sanding between layers with fine-grit sandpaper (240-280).

• Drying for 1-2 hours.

• Sanding and repainting between layers 3-6 hours.

Don’t forget to ventilate the space where you’re applying Stone to facilitate the evaporation of the water in the varnish itself, avoid oversaturation, and aid in drying. After applying the final coat, allow at least 48 hours to achieve optimal scratch resistance.

Stone combines the advantages of water-based varnish (low odor, minimal solvent content, etc.) with excellent chemical and mechanical performance (protects against abrasion, rubbing, and scratching).

Tips to keep your parquet beautiful

To keep the parquet looking new, keep sharp or scratch-prone items away from it and try to avoid contact with chemical products.

Remember that parquet is affected by temperature, light, and humidity changes. It also undergoes the day-to-day life at home. That’s why we recommend preserving it with cleaning products like the concentrated CLEANER, which will help maintain it in good condition for much longer.

If you follow all these tips, you’ll enjoy a parquet floor that looks healthy and retains its original colour for many years.

Don’t let your home’s parquet lose its lustre over time. STONE is the wood varnish that will restore splendour to your floors.”

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