27 / 11 / 2023

Complete renovation of Iki Parket

In constant pursuit of innovation and sustainability for parquet and wooden floors

We present a complete range of Iki Parket products accompanied by a new design to facilitate work and provide maximum information to professionals in wood and parquet floors.

For more than a year, and after a meticulous study, work has been done on a complete restyling of the brand, a total renewal meeting the needs that our clients demand and that we see in the wooden floor market. The new image, fresh and intuitive, is thought and designed to facilitate the work of parquet professionals, helping them to differentiate and choose, at a single glance, the product they need for each type of work in any type of climate.

Most of Iki Parket’s products are water-based and are increasingly in demand. On the one hand, we have emphasized our inherent values in terms of caring for the environment and the health of applicators through respectful products, seeking a balance between natural resources and people. In addition, we wanted to categorize the products in such a way that the properties of each item can be identified.

On the other hand, seeing how the level of demand for works and projects is increasingly higher, and products are prescribed that guaranteed protection against fire, suitability for sports floors, treatment with antimicrobial protection, anti-slip, etc. We have wanted to respond to these demands with highly visual and detailed labeling through a complete renewal of the range, with more personalized and specific products.

“The new catalog of professional floors includes all the information on products (backgrounds and finishes), accessories, etc. It also offers detailed explanations of the different application processes and the steps to follow. In a quick and easy way, the applicators will have all the products and information within reach to get down to work.”

A new, very complete, and functional Iki Parket range. That offers solutions for all types of applications on wooden and parquet floors, whether at the level of public works or home renovation.

One of our priorities is to offer and manufacture more innovative products with the aim of improving safety and minimizing environmental impact. To this end, for years, improvements in terms of sustainability have been introduced in practically all the articles to increase their technical performance, reduce CO2 emissions, and make good use of natural resources.

Outstanding products from the Iki Parket renovation


Two-component water-based finish based on polyurethane resins, formulated for varnishing wooden floors. Suitable for floors with high demands such as sports centers, public works, etc.


Two-component water-based fireproof process that, combined with the IRUFIRE FLOORING PRIMER IFAP-1 AQUA primer and the IRUFIRE FLOORING TOPCOAT IFAT-1 AQUA finish, obtains the Bfl-s1 classification, the highest for wooden floors, according to UNE-EN 13501- 1 (Euroclasses) on wood.


Two-component water-based finish with certified antimicrobial protection, based on polyurethane resins, formulated for varnishing wooden floors. Product treated with an active substance that prevents the proliferation of microbes on its surface (tested against Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus, according to UNE ISO 22196:2011).


One-component water-based finish with high performance. Excellent physical and chemical properties. It has the European environmental certificate Ecolabel.


High-performance 2-component water-based finish. Its excellent physical and chemical properties make it perfect for floors for domestic use. At the time of use, mix 10% with Hardener SK. Stone 2k is a product highly demanded by customers and with great success in the market.



Two-component water-based finish based on polyurethane resins, more than 80% of renewable origin, formulated for varnishing wooden and parquet floors. Directly applied to the wood and without the need to use a primer, it gives an ultra-natural wood look and feel.

Likewise, for parquet professionals to achieve the best results in all situations, at Iki Parket we have developed a wide range of accessories that include, among others, Imagine stains, Hardeners, Sport Line colors for sports courts, restorer Brilliant Wood, the Retardant additive, or the special Roller for varnishing floors.

This is the new image of Iki Parket, specialized in offering coatings with high technical performance and professional processes through the latest advances in the field of wooden floors and parquet together with the greatest possible sustainability. Years of experience, innovation and knowledge made available to our customers.

If you want to know more about the renewed Iki Parket range, you can consult our product catalog.

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