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On the 21st and 22nd of October, together with our distributor in Andorra and Catalonia, Woodnow, we hosted the inaugural IKI PARKET WORKSHOPS at our Azpeitia facilities, focusing on professionals in parquet and wooden floors from Catalonia and the Basque Country.


Among the five brands comprising the Irurena Group, Iki Parket is our label specializing in all types of water-based coatings for wooden floors and parquet, backed by over 30 years of experience in the flooring sector.

Our Commercial CEO, Jon Olea, acted as the master of ceremonies alongside Jon Begiristain, Technical Director of Irurena Group, and Arkaitz Garmendia, Technician in charge of Iki Parket. These three figures from the company presented and showcased the entire range of Iki Parket products over two hectic days, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences in using different products, fostering an atmosphere of trust, debate, relaxed opinions, and above all, enrichment. Additionally, on-site applications were performed by a specialized applicator to demonstrate the technical characteristics and results achieved by Iki Parket’s products for wooden floors and parquet. The drying process was checked on the second day, and all attendees expressed a pleasant surprise at the outcome.

Jon Begiristain. Technical Director, R&D Department, Irurena Group.




Two-component water-based varnish based on water-based polyurethane resins, specially formulated for coating wooden floors and parquet.


Two-component water-based varnish based on polyurethane resins with over 80% renewable sources. Environmentally friendly due to low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) content, below the maximum limit allowed by European Directive 2004/42/EC, and renewable raw materials content.


Two-component water-based varnish combining the advantages of water-based coating (low odor, minimal solvent content) with excellent performance and a natural appearance of wood.


Two-component water-based primer, specially formulated for sealing wooden floors, parquet, interior micro-cement floors, non-flammable, and low odor. Complies with French legislation for Indoor Air Quality with A+ classification.

Two-component white water-based primer, specially formulated for sealing wooden floors, parquet, and flooring. Non-flammable and low odor. Complies with French legislation for Indoor Air Quality with A+ classification.



Invisible fire-resistant process composed of an acrylic base and a polyurethane finish, both two-component, developed for application on untreated wood support and obtaining varnished wooden floors and parquet classified as Bfl-s1 according to UNE-EN 13501-1 (Euroclasses).

The process consists of the following products:


Two-component water protector for outdoor decking. Mix at 10% with HARDENER SK before use. Recommended for high-traffic outdoor floors (restaurant terraces, hotels, etc.) due to its high abrasion resistance. Contains UV filters for solar radiation protection. Environmentally friendly due to its low VOCs content, below the maximum limit allowed by European Directive 2004/42/EC. Complies with Indoor Air Quality Certification A+ requirements.


The Iki Parket range comprises water-based products with certifications issued by accredited centers and institutions:

A+ Certificates confirming compliance with French regulations for VOC emissions indoors

Etiqueta Ecológica Europea o EU Ecolabel, es una certificación voluntaria que pretende facilitar la identificación de productos ecológicos y respetuosos con el medio ambiente. Proporciona información exacta, no engañosa y con base científica sobre su impacto ambiental, aportando transparencia, sensibilidad y valor al producto, junto con la máxima garantía de eficacia.

European Ecolabel, a voluntary certification facilitating the identification of environmentally friendly products. Provides accurate, scientifically based information about their environmental impact, offering transparency, sensitivity, and value to the product, along with maximum efficacy assurance.

Fire-resistant process tested by AFITI, an association for the Promotion of Research and Technology in Fire Safety, with the best classification for untreated wood substrates against fire retardants. “Bfl-S1 classification according to EN-13501-1 based on fire behavior of construction products and building elements. Part 1: Classification based on fire reaction test data.”

Overwhelmed by the attendees’ interest and participation, we gained insights into the needs and challenges faced by specialists in parquet and wooden floors. Additionally, we discovered the different work methods each professional possesses, as demonstrated by Victor Sanchez from Nico Todo Parquet, who didn’t hesitate to grab a brush and apply the product himself, allowing him to verify the quality and characteristics of our varnishes for wooden floors and parquet.

To conclude the day, all participants, along with members of Irurena Group, had the chance to enjoy traditional local dishes at a Gastronomic Society specially prepared for the occasion. This way, we put the finishing touch on an enriching event where participants felt at home and, hopefully, a little closer to the Iki Parket world.


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